Exhibitor FAQ

Exhibitors frequently asked questions 

9.         How long do the shows last?

1. Does it cost anything to register?

There is no cost to register. It is free.
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2. Do I need to download any software to exhibit at an XpoFairs show?

Yes, once registered you will need to download the free XpoFairs application. This is a small program (12.5MB) that will automatically install on your computer once downloaded. You will be able to access all tradeshows (subject to purchasing a ticket) from the XpoFairs button on your desktop and apply to exhibit at the relevant trade shows by clicking on the exhibit button on the show specific page.
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3. How much does it cost to download the application?

There is no cost to download the application.
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4. What Computer hardware do I need for XpoFairs?

Please see our Systems Requirements page.
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5. Do I need broadband to exhibit at a trade show?

Yes, all the booth information within the trade show is gathered from an online live database so the faster the internet connection you have the better the movement will be. It may be possible to use XpoFairs with dialup but the minimum connection speed we recommend is a broadband connection.
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6. What is an XpoFairs online 3D walkthrough trade show?

An XpoFairs online 3D walkthrough trade show is a most powerful, new and unique marketing tool that Exhibitors can use cost effectively to gain access to specifically targeted audiences, converting visitors into qualified high calibre leads. Through XpoFairs an Exhibitor can via the Internet interact with visitors, keeping them instantly updated on the company’s latest and up to date products and services, corporate information and special campaigns.
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7. You do not have a relevant show for my industry. Why?

Whilst there may not be a show listed, we are currently planning within a short space of time to have numerous shows covering most industries. Please send us an email to: enquiries@xpofairs.com with details of the industry sector you are interested in; we will contact you as soon as we have further details.
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8. What benefits do I get from exhibiting at an XpoFairs 3D tradeshow compared with a traditional show?

  • Marketing reach massively increased.
  • Display the latest products and services and keep them updated.
  • Track visitor numbers to your booth from your unique XpoFairs account.
  • Provide extensive contact information to interested parties.
  • Receive emails and business cards from interested parties.
  • Exposure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Much cheaper than exhibiting at a traditional show, which only last for a few days.
  • Web hyperlinks from all image slots within your booth.
  • Enable your products and brands to be searched and found using our extensive A-Z Browse and Search function.
  • No transportation costs.
  • No hotel costs.
  • No food costs.
  • No insurance costs.
  • Your staff don’t need to leave the office.
  • Security –No terrorism threat.
  • On line reporting system
  • Business card drops off.
  • Booth visit report
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9.  How long do the shows last? And what are the opening and closing times?

24/7, 365, meaning as an  exhibitor your company’s products and services can be viewed  24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and as a visitor you can visit any show: Anyplace, Anytime, Anywhere!
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10. How much does it cost to exhibit at one of XpoFairs’ shows?

The simple answer is “a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional show”. The cost of exhibiting at XpoFairs depends on the size of booth you require and the show you are exhibiting in. For exact pricing please click on the link: www.xpofairs.com/pages/shows.asp to select the show you are interested in, click on the exhibit button, and then complete the registration form for that show. You will then have access to the costs for exhibiting.
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11.  What are the extra additional costs for exhibiting?

None!  Unlike a traditional show where the cost for your booth space is only one item amongst many when exhibiting at a show. When exhibiting at an XpoFairs show there are no additional costs for: carpets, lights, electricity, cleaning, shipping of exhibits to the convention centre, shipping of the exhibits from the convention centre to your booth, union labor costs and restrictions, dismantling and shipping of exhibits, hotel and subsistence for your booth set up team, travel costs, internet listing charges, hotel and subsistence for your marketing team on the booth.
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12.  Who can exhibit at XpoFairs?

This varies from show to show, subject to approval of your company by XpoFairs. In broad terms in order to exhibit at one of XpoFairs’ shows you will need to be associated to a specific industry. Further details for each show can be found on the relevant show page.
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13. How many visitors will I get to my booth?

All XpoFairs’ shows will be online and open 365 days a year 24 hours a day. By Exhibiting at one of XpoFairs’ shows, you will benefit from our high-profile global marketing and PR campaigns as well as extensive international media coverage of what is set to be one of the fastest growing and most visited portals in the b2b web marketplace.  You will have the opportunity for the first time ever to obtain leads and visitors which are not restricted by time, date or geographical boundaries. As with traditional shows the more emphasis you place on making your booth stand out, the more visitors will visit your booth. You will now have the ability to access international markets with your products and services, without the prohibitive cost associated with exhibiting at shows and the physical impossibility of exhibiting at different shows at the same time.  In addition you will be able to include details of the show and booth location within your sales and marketing materials with the knowledge that your customers can visit your booth at a time and a place suited to their needs as opposed to a time restricted show.
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14. Do I need a programmer to create and dress my booth?

No, none whatsoever. Creating a booth is a very simple process with our unique and patent pending 3D XpoFairs application which includes a Booth Creation clear step-by-step guide.  Once you have completed the exhibitor application form, and your application has been accepted, you will gain access to your selected booth.  All you need to do is to simply select the options from the dropdown menus and templates, select wall and carpet colors from an infinite choice of colors, then add the relevant images and links to any location, website, presentation, brochure, video presentation or demonstration of your choice. You can view your booth in 3D, make as many changes as you require until you are completely happy with the final booth. Once completed, a single click will send your booth to XpoFairs for a final review. It is simple fast and effective.
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15.  Do I have a choice of booth styles?

Yes, there are 18 basic booth styles you can choose from. You have the ability to customize your booth, by choosing the color of carpets and walls from an unlimited choice of options. In addition you can commission your own bespoke booth. To view the different booth styles please visit the Demo Show or click on the following link: Booth Model Page.
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16. Can I design my own bespoke booth?

Yes, you are able to create you own booth to virtually any shape and size to incorporating your requirements within a designated hall.
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17. How often can I update and change my booth?

You have the ability to update and change your booth as often as you require.
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18. How can I pay for my booth?

Once you have chosen to exhibit in a show, you will need to complete the application form. Upon receipt of your application by XpoFairs, you will be invoiced for the cost of your booth. Payment can be made either by cheque, credit card, charge card or bank transfer.
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19.  Can I speak to a member of the XpoFairs Sales Team?

Yes, please call our sales team on: +44 (0) 20 8781 11064 or you may wish to send an e-mail to: sales@xpofairs.com with your details and the information required. A member of our Sales team will telephone you.
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20. Can I organize my own corporate or in house show?

Yes, if you would like to discuss a bespoke show or project with us please send an e-mail outlining the details to: partnering@xpofairs.com.
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