Contact us to discuss the sponsorship opportunities available within show specific events and the unique opportunity to sponsor XpoFairs’™ main site and the Demo show where every key business decision maker and marketer in the world of commerce will attend.

By sponsoring, not only will you be partnering with what is set to become one of the fastest growing and most talked about brands in the market, but you will also dramatically increase your chances of featuring in extensive international media coverage of XpoFairs™.

xpofairs.com the only live 3D walkthrough trade event ……Anything! Anytime! Anywhere!  

If you are interested in finding out more about sponsorship opportunities on XpoFairs™ please contact:

Tel:    +44 (0) 20 8781 1106

Fax:   +44 (0) 20 8781 1105

Email: sales@xpofairs.com


Why Sponsor XpoFairs?

  • Benefit from XpoFairs’™huge promotional campaign strategy. Our innovative, groundbreaking 3D online walkthrough show/s is the first of its kind in our space.    By sponsoring xpofairs.com, you will benefit from our high-profile global marketing and PR campaign as well as extensive international media coverage of what is set to be one of the fastest growing and most media covered brands in the new and emerging technologies marketplace.
  • Unlimited access by an international audience.  Open 24/7, 365 days a year, xpofairs.com is a real live online 3D walkthrough portal organizing international and national events which offers you a highly focused global perspective for promoting your solutions, products, services and finding and contacting potential buyers and partners.  It provides you with continuity in marketing and promotion which until now has never been available.
  • Measurable results.  xpofairs.com is an online walkthrough website showcasing industry-specific events and exhibitors; therefore it provides you with the fastest way to introduce new and emerging technologies, products and services to the world-wide market. You can track audience response, starting from when a visitor first clicks through from xpofairs.com and thus obtain immediate feedback on your product offering.   

Major benefits to you as a Sponsor:

  • Optimal Visibility and Exposure.  By Sponsoring us, your corporate image and brand recognition will be increased as you benefit from our huge promotional campaign strategy, in place for XpoFairs™.
  • Generates traffic.  XpoFairs™ delivers the most receptive and focused audience to our shows and events.  The Buyers and key decision makers come to you; the sales leads generated are ready to be closed!
  • Shortens your sales cycle.   Attended by buyers and key decision makers including CEO’s, CFO’s and other senior managers representing their companies in the UK and globally, xpofairs.com offers the ability for your audience to respond directly and immediately to your offers.
  • Position your Company as a market leader  by being recognized as an organization able to identify and adopt new, emerging and successful technologies resulting in driving sales and leveraging your exhibition space.  Participating in the show raises your profile, creates increased awareness of your company and its products and services, and generates interest in what you have to offer.  The shows will also offer an ideal opportunity to educate potential customers through seminar presentations.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

Main show sponsor

Sponsors to the show specific webpage

Newsletter sponsors

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Booth confirmation sponsors

Hall sponsors

XpoFairs home page main sponsors

Further sponsorship opportunities include: hanging banners and posters within the show halls through to bespoke booths. Whatever your budget, we have a solution for you.