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We are in constant dialogue with organizers, exhibitors and visitors as to how the platform can better serve them. If you want to add your voice to our discussion feel free to get in touch.

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What is XPO/Fairs ?

A web-based platform that hosts fully interactive tradeshows in real time with real people.


Whose is behind XPO/Fairs ?


XPO / Fairs was started by Fabian Santoro who currently acts as CEO. Behind him are a number of entrepreneurs and investors who also act as an advisory board. We work with an international team of developers to create our platform.


Is this the future of shows and conventions ?


We think shows are great, we love going to them and we think that industry will continue to rely on them long into the future. Shows are increasingly  expensive, for organizers, exhibitors and visitors a like. They cost money, time, energy and resources. 


XPO/Fairs is a cheaper, quicker and easier supplement to a physical show.


Hasn't this been done before ?

Yes it has. In fact, one of our key investors was one of the first companies to create and host an online tradeshow. While most virtual events companies have focused on hosting conferencing events we focus on exhibitions.


Can I be a a part of XPO/Fairs ?

The most recent round of Funding is currently closed.  We are currently working with some really exciting developers to integrate our amazing features in a single user-friendly platform. If you are a developer and would like join our team (physically or virtually) get in touch using the form above.


What do you mean supplement to physical shows ?

In the same was traditional retailers are supplemented with an online store, Xpo/Fairs allows Exhibitors to have an online space to present their goods and services.


This additional exposure is a cheaper, quicker and easier way of reaching more customers than you would by only having a physical store.